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Fast Facts  Why the need for the PPP's three main efforts?


  • One in four American girls have missed class due to improper access to period products

  • Homeless and low-income people who menstruate often have to choose between a meal and period protection

  • Government assistance programs like food stamps for low-income US citizens do not cover period products


  • In India, 71% of girls are not aware of what a period is before their first cycle

  • Menstrual shaming has negative effects on the well-being and mental health of women around the world

  • Improper menstrual hygiene can lead to Toxic Shock Syndrome, Urinary Tract Infections, and Cervical Cancer


  • In 30 US states, period products are specially taxed as "luxury items" while in these same states, products like Viagra (erectile dysfunction medication), Rogaine (men's hair loss treatment), and Pixy Stix candy are not

  • Issues like access to period products in schools and prisons are often neglected by lawmakers as a taboo subject

Period protection is not a privilege. Menstrual rights are human rights.

Quick videos:

Period poverty and menstrual shaming in India.

A teenage girl facing period poverty in the UK.

How homeless populations in the US handle their periods.

The effect of free period products on education in the US.

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